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Creating the best education, tailored to your child

Equipping homeschool families with the resources and help they need to have a successful homeschool journey.



Creating the Best Education, Tailored to Your Child

Where Do I Start?

Starting with your goals and your child's giftings & unique situation, let's come up with a plan on how you can make this year a success.

Graduation Plan

Need a roadmap to get your student to graduation?  We can customize a flexible plan for class options and activities.

Transcript Review

About to send transcripts to colleges or potential employers?  Missing anything that could deny admission or help get a bigger scholarship?  Let us review your transcript to maximize your advantage.

Let us help you maximize your child's homeschool experience and prepare them for the life after school.

A homeschool consulting helping a parent learn about how to teach their kids at home.

What you can expect from me

Initial Contact

1. Fill out the "Let's Talk" section below.  Please leave the following information in the message section:

  • Your children's ages and grades (if applicable to a question)

  • Explain how you would like for me to help you.

  • What time constraints /deadlines you may have for your questions

2. Upon review of your request form and any deadlines you may have, if I believe I can help you, I will reach out to you for a free 20 minute initial consultation. ​

3.  Based on your request form, there may be instances where my services would not be a good fit. In those situations, I will let you know and do my best to point you in the right direction for your needs. 

Session One

1. In advance of our time together, I may send some questionnaires regarding your input. These are a great tool for me to understand your unique situation and your goals. Please submit these forms at least 24 hours in advance of our meeting so I can use them to help guide our conversation efficiently.  

2. We can schedule either a zoom meeting or in person meeting (if you are local). I will send a zoom link an hour before our meeting.

3.Our time will range from 1-2 hours, depending upon the service you are requesting. 

4. We will use the full time to work through all the details of your package, and you will leave our session fully prepared with a plan of action. 

5. You will receive a recap email with meeting notes. links, or documents discussed during our session. 

6. Payment is settled via Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal, and is priced based on the agreed upon service package. 

Follow Up

1. Feel free to email me any last-minute, clarifying questions during our follow up correspondence. I will do my best to help through an email or a quick phone call. 

2. We can also schedule an additional session, should we decide that more than a 15 minute follow up phone call is warranted. 

What other parents are saying

Bethany H.

Sheryl helped our family tremendously in creating our oldest daughter’s high school plan. She is very knowledgeable about the dual credit process, high school and college requirements, curriculum, testing, and even free online resources that will help us reach our goals. We now have a solid, yet flexible, plan that will help set our daughter up for success. We are so grateful! 

Melissa R.

Sheryl has been a lifesaver in helping me navigate the home school high school years! She has pointed me to curriculum that is not only just right for my daughter’s learning style, but also is preparing her for college entry exams. She has taken what I felt was overwhelming and made it attainable. She has also advised on extracurricular organizations and activities to help make the high school experience more robust. Sheryl is an invaluable resource and I can’t recommend her enough!

Esther D.

I don't know where to begin explaining how grateful I am for Sheryl's knowledge and willingness to help. My daughter attended a private Christian school from kindergarten through 4th grade and homeschooling only crossed our minds when we began seeing gaps in learning and red flags in the moral standards of the school. As I processed the idea of homeschooling, Sheryl was a sounding board for my concerns, fears, and hesitations. She helped us get plugged into groups, led me through curriculum planning, gave me a plethora of resources, and encouraged me during an extremely challenging transition. Now that my daughter is in high school, Sheryl remains a wealth of information and a guiding light whenever I have a question about college preparation. I absolutely could not have done the last six years successfully without her!

Jackie S.

Sheryl Martin is the reason I am still homeschooling today! About 4 years ago, I moved to Dallas from Austin and I didn't have any homeschool support or community. So I placed my son in public school even though I had homeschooled him before. When I met Sheryl, she helped spark in me again the reason for homeschooling. She encouraged me so much and even helped me come up with a plan to homeschool my son again. You see, we were having issues with him at public school and had been considering taking him out and homeschooling again. Talking with Sheryl just confirmed our decision to pull him out! But Sheryl didn't just encourage me, she got together with me and equipped me with the tools I needed to be a successful homeschooling mom. Multiple times she has helped me choose what curriculum was best for me and my kids. I do not believe I would be where I am today with our homeschooling journey if it wasn't for Sheryl! Anytime I have a friend in the area considering homeschooling, I also want to connect them with her! She has been the biggest blessing to me and I want every mom who is considering homeschooling to be as encouraged as I was through Sheryls help! 

Darrell S.

Sheryl was a priceless resource for our family. She helped prepare our family (children and parents!) for the college application process in a way that was informative but also stress-free. She was genuinely God’s provision to help our kids move successfully into the next chapter of their lives. We thank God for her and know that she will be a blessing to any family that has the privilege of working with her.

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Let's Talk

At Texas Homeschool 101, our first conversation is always free. 


I want to help both you and your students have the best homeschool experience as possible. 

Thanks for reaching out!

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